Bayside Mall

This 2015 winner of the Energy Efficiency Forum Award (in the Large Building Retrofit category) has reduced its carbon emissions by up to 767 tonnes and reduced the need for cooling by 50-68% in the Game Stores section in summer months. Overall its interventions have resulted in average monthly savings of 11% and up to 17% in summer months.

To do this, the mall has adopted an integrated approach to sustainability in the use of energy, water and waste through technological, operational and behavioural changes. Their main energy efficiency interventions include:

  • Upgrading to LED lighting and a more efficient chiller plant
  • An integrated building management systems (BMS)
  • Improved heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system
  • 500kWP pilot rooftop photovoltaic plant, with 2 108 panels covering 3 300 m2, which supplies 5% of electricity needs
  • Behavioural and awareness programmes for staff


Bayside Mall has moved beyond basic lighting retrofits and peak demand reduction, and its pioneering efforts have set it apart as an exemplary custodian of energy resources.

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