Washtub Industrial Laundry Service

Since 2011, Washtub Industrial Laundry Services has spent over R2 million on energy efficiency retrofits and upgrades, with a 20 month pay-back period. With a 33% reduction in electricity costs, this amounts to around R80 000.00 saved per month.

They achieved this by concentrating on progressive technology, innovative methodology and a strong focus on their core value of being conscious of the environment. Staff and management worked in close cohesion and reduced the strain on the national grid by 62000 kWh per month.

Initiatives implemented include:

  • Reduced lighting use through using as much natural daylight as possible. This involved installing clear sheeting across an entire wall, as well as parts of the factory roof.
  • Reduced hours of electricity use through installation of new equipment and employment of more staff
  • Forums where staff discuss energy, carbon footprints and making small changes which lead to big results
  • Awareness drives encouraging staff to switch off lights, as well as incentivising staff for their efforts
  • Retrofit of lightbulbs
  • Automatic cut-off switches on lights
  • All piping around the building cladded
  • Installation of a coal boiler to generate steam
  • Heat recovery units channel energy back to the machines
  • Installation of updated, more energy efficient equipment
  • Installing automatons on the motors that drive equipment

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