The Peninsula All-Suite Hotel

Since its development, the Peninsula All-Suite Hotel has encouraged a culture of conservation, with their ongoing initiatives resulting in annual savings of up to 19% despite higher occupancy. (As at November 2014, when they won the Energy Efficiency Forum Award in the large building retrofit category.)

The hotel has implemented a combination of technological, operational and behavioural change strategies such as:

  • Installing heat pumps for their jacuzzi and swimming pool
  • Replacing heating elements in the laundry with Ozone for a cold water wash
  • Installation of lighting timers
  • Ongoing behaviour-change campaign
  • Acquired power star electric consumption monitoring tool to accurately measure electric usage between a half an hour time period up to 12 month to compare saving or wastage and rectify the usage
  • All bedside lamps now have a 1w reading lamp and a 4w main lamp total saving 2800w
  • Replaced the dishwasher in the main kitchen with a water and energy efficient one

Many of these features are streamlined by their Business Management System, allowing for feedback in real-time to individual departments and enables for consumption to be adjusted.


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