Woolworths has substantially reduced its relative electricity consumption across its entire operation. They have achieved a 31% saving on the baseline year 2006/2007 at their head office in Cape Town.

Their building management system at head office provides central control of devices such as air-conditioning and lighting. Energy efficiency is also embedded within the KPAs of every business unit, with energy champions from stores, distribution centres and head office.Woolworths continuously conducts awareness programmes, campaigns and presentations at stores to educate staff about the efficient use of energy. Electricity and water consumption is displayed on screens at some of their green stores. By checking stores' electricity consumption from a central point, they are able to talk to staff about energy use on a daily basis.


Main interventions:


Head Office

  • 108 Kwp PV system installed on the roof
  • Energy efficient lighting retrofits across all floors and dimming lights in specialised locations
  • Natural lighting
  • Modernisation of four passenger lifts and two goods lifts, including the installation of a BMS System
  • Online monitoring system to track progress
  • Installation of an energy screen for staff interest and awareness
  • EE campaigns across their stores
  • A BMS system to manage lighting and air conditioning
  • Replacement of HVAC equipment with energy efficient equipment

Palmyra Store

  • Natural ventilation including openable windows to offices and cross-ventilation
  • Roof mounted opaque skylights
  • Dimmable lighting under natural light conditions
  • LED lighting for exterior signs, glass door freezers and spot lighting
  • CO2 refrigeration system; closed fridge door trial
  • Underfloor heating in the food market using waste heat and heat pumps
  • Automated Load Control
  • Energy screen for staff and customer awareness


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