City of Cape Town

The City has been implementing energy efficiency retrofit programmes within Council operations since 2009. From 2009 – 2014, the City has saved approximately R6 million in total through improved efficiency of its buildings. This equates to a total of approximately 5200 MWh of electricity and 5100 tonnes of carbon dioxide saved, and increased savings are projected as tariffs rise over time.

Prioritisation of energy efficiency by the City involved the roll-out of over 450 smart meters as well as the retrofit of 32 buildings. These retrofits included energy efficient lighting and motion sensors, solar water heaters, HVAC, solar PV and capacity building of facility managers and building occupants.

In 2011 the City audited its largest building, the Civic Centre. Based on this audit, it was decided to upgrade the lifts, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Sub-meters have been installed in this 23-storey building to monitor the impact of these interventions. Furthermore, around 20 000 light fittings, most of them over 35 years old, were upgraded to LED technology, with occupancy sensors linked to timers and daylight harvesting. This will save the City in the order of 5 225MWh per annum. This project is expected to be completed at the end of 2016.

Under the City’s operations programme, photovoltaic panels have been installed at:

  • •           Manenberg housing contact centre (20 kWh)
  • •           Gallows Hill Traffic Department (10 kWp)
  • •           Electricity Services Department head office (100 kWp)
  • •           Wallacedene taxi rank (20 kWp)
  • •           Royal Ascot (20 kWp)
  • •           Khayelitsha environmental health centre (17 kWp)
  • •           Omniforum (60 kWp)

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